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LA Gear

I don’t know which look I like more. Which look do you like more? The first or second look?

Both looks are inspired by my shoes from LA Gear. And OMG! I am loving them. They are so comfortable, cute and fun. If you know me, you know I like my shoes to light up. Check out their new line at 


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BigKid Gift Store


I love my new backpack and lunchbox from Big Kid Gift Store. I also got a pencil case that is super cool. They are sooo cute and very stylish. They al have cool compartments especially the backpack. Perfect for back to school. Check out their products online at

Watch the video to see me opening the package. 

Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit

Oh how I love makeup. So I was able to get one from my Amazon Store. It has some pretty cool items included. My favorite is the brush and nail kit.

Watch the video to see me opening the package. 


M4 Gel Ball Blaster